Thursday, May 31, 2012

So, what ha-happened was . . .

I didn't intend to take six months off from blogging.  Really, I didn't.

It just sort of happened.

Certainly my focus was on writing, but it had nothing to do with running.

In January I found myself staring at my computer and its blank screen, wondering how I would manage to replace it with a series of words that were worthy of being called a Master's Thesis.

In February I found myself wondering how I might manage to coach my daughter's softball team while simultaneously preventing crap from filling the aforementioned blank pages.

In March I traveled across the country to conduct research in an effort to understand the aforementioned crap that would fill the aforementioned pages.

In April I spent a significant amount of time filling said pages with what I hope is NOT the aforementioned crap I feared.

Then a ran a marathon.

In May I began coping with the mental anguish that accompanies the reality of moving away from California.

In June I will leave this place.  At the behest of the Army I will dutifully pack my bags, ask my children to pack theirs, and apologize to my wife for once again making her leave the coast that she loves for a place that is much hotter, stickier and flatter.

I'm bummed.  And with every run I take to the Harbor Seals it gets more difficult to deal with.  Every walk with my wife to the beach with Jeff the Super-mutt makes me hurt a bit inside.

I'm going to miss this place so much.

The list of what makes that statement so . . . is simply too daunting to construct.

So, if you'll pardon me, I had a few things happening, and I suppose this is me not really apologizing for it.

I'm not upset I dropped off the Daily Mile, stopped scrolling down my Twitter timeline every morning and quit racking my brain for interesting blog ideas.  Because when I did, I found myself a little more connected to what I really care about; or at least, more connected to the fact that I might have been disconnected.

I'd like to think I'm back on my blogging horse, but I know I'm here with caveats.  There are things in front of me that are going to keep me from being the greatest blogger on the face of the Earth.  I'm okay with that.  If everyone else is, that's fine too . . .

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Every blogger needs a break. But I'm glad you're back!

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