Tuesday, October 11, 2011

When the rain comes . . .

It rained like hell the other day here in Monterey.

It didn't seem all that serious to be honest.  I thought it was all but finished.  It was for this reason that I decided to take my new phone and listen to some Pandora.

A little bit of rain and copious amounts of Dave Grohl always makes me happy:

Clearly, I'm pleased.  Or constipated.  Whichever.

After running down the hill, I found this little fella was not at all pleased with his current predicament:

Apparently the rain had washed him from his happy home and placed him, rather unceremoniously, into the street.

Monterey being the kind of place it is, I wasn't there for 30 seconds before a cavalcade of locals parked their cars to help usher the future Seagull snack to safety.  To give you a sense of his immense size, it took four of us just to move him.  I'm sure that didn't have anything at all to do with general clumsiness and various shrieks and squeals.  And that was just MY contribution.  

And thus, having saved a life less than a mile from my house, I moved on.

And I got wetter.

Others may run and hide their heads, but not I.  I continued on.  I also looked like a total moron trying to keep my phone from becoming completely and totally soaked by the experience.

Then it got cold.  My shoes were holding onto the water like a dish sponge.  This was officially unfun.

I finished the run looking and feeling like a half-drowned rat.  

On the upside, I no longer appear constipated.

Does anyone else enjoy running the in rain?

If you do, do you think of this song?

'Cause I did.  But I'm a nerd that way.

By Marcus with 4 comments


I'd have thought of "Riders on the Storm" first -- still a haunting melody. Or Dee Clark's "Raindrops" -- sixties magic. "Rain" had a droning tone I never much cared for... TEHO.

I have a hard time going out on a run if it's already raining. However, I enjoy the rain if it starts once I'm already out there. To a point I guess. I was on runs twice the summer when tornado sirens went off. Ooops. Speaking of which I was on a run when a little storm came through on this night>>>>>>>

Copious amounts of rain and a little Dave Grohl: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0b7f0FqFyLA&feature=relmfu I puffy heart me some Dave too. ;)

I love running in the rain with my mp3 player blasting, even though I always feel like A) I'm going to get mysteriously shocked somehow (not even possible) or B) I'm going to lose tread and fall on my ass in a huge puddle.

Hey honey, that's the happiest rain song I've ever heard! :D

I went orienteering in the rain for three hours once in Sweden. I think I may have told you about it. It was humbling, getting beat down every second. But I think the "high" from finishing in such dreary conditions made it sweeter. I guess I don't have to tell you that it was cold as hell, but it was beautiful and amazing.

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