Monday, October 31, 2011

Laguna Seca Solo Almost-Marathon; Video Blog

I thought I'd try something a little different this week.  A video blog about my attempt to run 30 miles over at Laguna Seca on Sunday.

You Tube really did me a favor with that freeze frame shot right there didn't they?

I'm not entirely sure why the last video is so blurry, I think it might have been some condensation on the lens.  Who knows.

The other thing I should mention is that I plan on running a 50k next weekend, so I wasn't exactly freaking out about the aborted 30 miles.  The distance of my loops was also a bit off, they came out to about 12.25 miles a piece so running another full lap was going to push me way past my comfort zone for today.

All in all though, I feel great the day after, so I know it was a level of effort that was sustainable, which is great news because I was fairly comfortable the entire time.   Would have been better if I hadn't been a bonehead and forgotten my food for the final push.

Ever made a boneheaded move that cut your day short?  I felt pretty lucky that I was at least smart enough to plan a loop that prevented a total disaster.

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Great recap of your training run it really gives people perspective on the difference between regular road running and trail.

I really enjoyed the video. I am going to plan to do the same thing when get get ready to do some long distance and push myself. Great way to capture the mood and your initial thoughts right away. Nice work on the distance. I can't wait to hear about your 50k. My first one is planned for April 2012.

Thanks fellas! I had a lot of fun despite the boneheaded maneuver regarding my food :-) Looking forward to doing this again actually. Will be sure to keep you posted.

Dude, your new layout for the site looks great!

Thank you sir! Thought a small dose of professionalism couldn't hurt.

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