Thursday, October 27, 2011

Getting "Buff"

Used to be, that when I wanted to go for a run, I just threw on some shorts, found a matching pair of socks, and took off. Those were the goddamn good 'ol days.

It seems like now I need to find the "right pair" of shoes in the rotation, the pair of shorts that don't chafe if it's a long run, a water belt of some kind, my homing beacon (otherwise known as a Garmin), my Road-ID (not griping here, this is mandatory kit, really), some type of music player, and my sunglasses.

If you saw me get ready you would wonder if I was getting ready to go running or preparing for two straight days tracking wildebeests old school style in the African bush.

At the end of the day though, I have what I need and my run is generally more comfortable and enjoyable because of it. Although I admit, some days I dump most of that stuff (or at least the nervous agitation that goes along with my preparation) and just go running, sans the high tech junk.

The one thing I had yet to find though, was something to keep the sweat out of my eyes. You see, I'm a heavy head-sweater.

Not like this guy:

But pretty damn close.

I've tried a few different solutions.

The hat:

The "T-Shirt Turban":

Both of which just weren't working for me in the long run.

The hat gets funky like George Clinton while the turban just won't stay put over the long haul.

Like I said, 'effing high maintenance.

Then I found this baby:

The Buff!

Yes, like on Survivor.

Not only does this baby wick away moisture like a champ, and is able to keep up with my faucet-like forehead, but the picture highlights the fact that I raise my eyebrows when I smile about 85% of the time.  

I suppose I could wear it like this instead:

I'm guessing the other folks on the rec trail would prefer the goofy raised eyebrows thing though.

And of course a guy can never have too many mini-skirt / tube top options in his closet.

In any event, this thing is awesome and has exceeded all of my expectations for a moisture wicking headband thingy.  It also doesn't stink when it dries and on runs of 20 or more miles all I have to do is flip it over to the "dry side" at the halfway point and I'm good to go.  In retrospect, I wish I would have had one of these babies when deployed.  They would be money over there.

I prefer the "Sahariane" method of wear, but if you go here, you can see the dozen or so other ways to wear it, or get one for yourself if you are so inclined.  REI and Amazon have them for about 20 bucks or so.  Worth every penny really.

So while I might have just added one more piece of "mandatory" kit to my already over-engineered bag of running equipment, at least I won't be stopping by the public restroom on the trail, crying like a baby, desperate to wash the sunscreen laden sweat out of my eyes . . . anymore.

By Marcus with 3 comments


I might have to give this a try. My forehead is like Niagara Falls during the summer (it's even worse when I'm wearing sunglasses). I bet even less people will say "hi" to me on the trail if I'm wearing one, though.

Eh, as long as you don't go with the Ninja look you should be fine. :-)

My vote is for wearing the thing like a ninja mask. But be careful who you're running by. You're apt to get maced.

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