Saturday, September 24, 2011

Curry, An Apple, and a Red Dawn

As I said in my last post, I was on a bit of a forced hiatus.  This was largely a result of family and school obligations, but the disaster that is/was my HP laptop played no small role either.

The good news was that I didn't experience a full-blown crash of my system.  The bad news was that the portability feature (you know, like the REASON you buy a laptop) was less than fully functional.  The long and the short of it was that my laptop had a bad case of electronic narcolepsy whenever it was unplugged from the wall.  This is not generally helpful when you're trying to write a master's thesis and don't have a permanent office.

So me being me, I decided to fix it.  I'm sure it's a familiar refrain, but after 5 plus hours on the phone with HP customer support in India, I was told that a new battery would not be forthcoming and frankly, I needed to stop calling and asking.  Well then.  Allrighty.  It's an experience not worth recounting in wretched detail but suffice it to say that when my wife saw QWERTY etched into the skin of my forehead she knew two things: 1) Banging my head into the keyboard of my HP probably didn't help and 2) all of my Urdu/Hindu speaking charm couldn't make the situation any better.

So I did what any disgruntled consumer would do in such a circumstance.  I bought a MAC, and oh baby, Daddy likey.

I've honestly wanted to anyway ever since my wife got one four years ago.  In that time it has never "not worked" and has never failed to start up, shut down, download things, and you know, work & stuff.  I've officially defected and let me tell you, being a traitor never felt so good.

(Ironically though, I upgraded to an android phone.  It was 9.99 and has all the capability of an Iphone.  Can you blame me?)

Once I got everything on my new 'puter just the way I liked it, I decided to check up on ye olde blog statistics.

This blog is not a money maker.  Nor is it particularly popular.  Occasionally though, I get something going that interests folks and it shows.  Generally I can see this coming.  I did not however, anticipate this:

This is from ONE DAY last week.  And it was prior to any kind of new posting.

Naturally, my first thought was of course:


Has Russia taken a sudden interest in minimal running?  Is there an operative named Jackalope on the run?

How the hell am I supposed to know when to run to my father's extraordinarily well-stocked and unreasonably remote sporting goods store and get what I need to survive in the hills while I conduct insurgent activities?

By Marcus with 5 comments


I'm still pretty sure it's illegal to own a mac and use an android phone.

so what do you think got the Russians so interested in your site? I am really curious about this. After all, you know i'm a numbers and data sort of guy!! lol

In all honesty, it's a spam thing. I'm sure it was a bot from a .ru domain. That's what it looks like from the traffic source list anyway.

That, my friend, is hilarious. The Russkie spammers love you. And I've gone through two HP laptops, and with both of them, I've had power failure problems at one point or another. Two $75 replacement power cables later...

I am getting weird interest in my uninteresting blog from Turkey of all places. God knows why they think a small brown person running slowly is interesting.

@K, yeah from what I know of the Turks in my classes, your hits would go up if you were blonde and white.

BFTS, dude, call it a day already. Get a frigging MAC. Either way, I'm sure that this will somehow make its way into your comic. I want to see the MSPAINT version of a Jackalope talking to Amit, the curry chowing customer service rep.

You're welcome.

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