Saturday, August 20, 2011

The Story of This Picture

A couple of weeks ago I went to help out my daughter during her cheerleading-uniform-distribution day.  While we were busy folding and stacking the embroidered jackets I was asked to volunteer for the team during some kind of an event the following week.  I honestly had no idea what it was for, but I knew that my daughter's team would benefit.  Good enough for me.  So I said yes, and then attended the most chaotic volunteer meeting I have ever witnessed.

It turns out it was for the Concorso Italiano, an enormous Italian car show held here in Monterey every year.

Lamborghinis aplenty, or so I was told.  The meeting was chaotic primarily because people were LOBBYING for the jobs they wanted.  Anger and resentment were boiling over with regards to "who got what" type of volunteering job.  I was so annoyed I almost left three times.  Each time I kept saying, "you told your kid you'd help out."  So I stayed, and eventually told the volunteer coordinator that I really didn't care what I did, so long as my daughter's team was paid their donation.  I knew she had a tough job and I didn't want to make it any harder.

She called me back later that day and told me that I was the only person that said a nice word to her the entire day.  She then gave me what I was told was, the premiere volunteer job: golf cart limo driver, VIP section.

So I showed up at, cough cough, 430 am on Friday and began to shuttle around anyone I could find.  I think I burned more gas than nearly anyone else.  By 11 am I was smoked and had just dropped off a fresh crew at the entrance when a man pointed at me and said, "Hey can you wait right here?  I need to ask you a question."  He then parked his Porsche Cayenne, hopped out, and asked me where he could get a golf cart for "Jay".  I wasn't really sure what he was talking about but we asked a coordinator anyway and she said, "What, Jay Leno shows up and we're supposed to drop everything?"  His producer (come to find out) shook his head and said,

"what about you?  Whatcha doing right now?"

"Uh, driving you I guess."

"great let's roll"

And so off I went, driving Jay Leno around a car show at Laguna Seca Golf Course.  What a trip.  He sat right in the front, we chatted the whole time and I helped escort him in some kind of crazy-expensive Lamborghini up to the stage.  I'm not a huge celebrity-phile but the combination of nifty cars, and someone as iconic as Jay Leno just hanging out in my golf cart asking about my kids was a blast.  My favorite quote?

"Hey Marcus, just pull up right behind the Countache there."

You gotta be fucking kidding me.

What a day.  Needless to say, I didn't get a run in.

By Marcus with 5 comments


A really very interesting read! I hope you keep updating us with more info!

Any excuse not to hang out with the cheerleading crowd. I completely understand. Sounds like a blast, man.

It was, and I was on my own, which was a bonus.

cool day huh, its nice to know that people like Jay are as normal as we r.

He was fairly normal, save for the all times he said "I gotta get one of those." And pointed at a 200,000 dollar Maserati.

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