Monday, August 8, 2011

Speaking of Podcasts

I stumbled onto a great one recently.

The Ultra Runner Podcast is a relatively recent addition to the world of podcasting and I have to say, these guys do a fantastic job.  I speak from some level of experience given that I participated in one last year.  They're really tough to do well and even tougher to make FANTASTICALLY interesting like this one on running nutrition.  Sunny Blende is interviewed and in addition to having the perfect name for a nutritionist, she has a website too.

I can't say that I knew an enormous amount about nutrition before I listened, but I'm not an idiot on the subject either.  That being said, I learned more in five minutes of listening to this interview than I have from endless blog searches and web pages.

There is talk of barf, chicken soup, GU and mushy potatoes in shampoo bottles.  Like I said, proper ultra running nutrition.  Duh.

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