Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Odd Week

Lord almighty,what an odd training week.

Post-run on Friday, I began to feel a strange sort of sore-throaty sensation.  This seemed really out of left field given that I haven't felt the slightest bit tired, congested or anything but great really.  This continued for the next couple of days and included some fairly nasty phlegm; all of this led me to believe that I was suffering from some kind of crazy infection.  The part that I could not explain was the complete lack of congestion or malaise that goes right along with it.

In any case, imagine someone putting their thumb on the base of your throat and leaning into you, and you have the general idea.  Running wasn't exactly something that I was looking forward to and I decided to lay off for a few days until I felt better about it.  Two days came and went, and frankly, I still didn't feel all that great and sensed little to no improvement.  After getting up on Tuesday morning and spitting up a little blood, I decided it was Doctor time.

One of the best perks of being in the military is the "socialized" medicine.  You make an appointment, you get seen, and then you get meds.  Done deal.  Yeah there are some slight inconveniences, but nothing I'd describe as a dealbreaker and for the most part, I get what I need when I visit (as has my family).

So I wandered over to the medical clinic assuming that I would be in and out with a packet of antibiotics in no time, only to find out that I was 100% wrong in my amateur analysis.  According to the charismatic gentlemen in Army fatigues sporting the MD after his last name, I was likely to be suffering from Acid Reflux.

WTF?  Acid Reflux?  As my children were all to happy to question, "I thought that was for old people?".  I suppose to some degree, so did I.  I think what the good doctor surmised made sense; AR is the only thing that makes sense given that I have no other symptoms such as congestion or fever.  So, I was given a packet of Prilosec and told to move out.  Not exactly the way I thought my visit was going to go, that's for sure.

As for running, I got back on the horse today with a 7 miler.  I purposely didn't take my watch as I didn't want to push the pace.  I have a tendency to try and hit it harder than it needs to be hit and I knew my throat was not going to be happy if I did that.  The sensation was just kind of bizarre; it felt as though my breathing was restricted but when I trusted my lungs to make it happen for me, they came through.  I'm sure I managed an 830 pace after all, but jesus, here's hoping the old man medication kicks in sooner rather than later and allows my throat to heal up.

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