Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogging “Strategery”

It occurred to me the other day that my blog, though fun to write and a helpful training log, lacks a discernable purpose. Things didn't really start out that way. When I began to write the idea was to give supporters of my Marine Corps Marathon fundraising goal a place to visit and hopefully, donate what they could to the cause, which was a good one. This worked fantastically well and I was able to raise over 1700 bucks and had a reasonably successful marathon. Life though, has a tendency to catch up with you and as a result, I let the blog simmer on the back burner, unsure if I would return to it.

Since then though, I have found that I really missed writing. The issue now is that I am attending graduate school and when I have time on my hands, the most effective use of it is to write something of substance for my thesis or some class designed to teach me how to be a better terrorist-finder-preventer guy. The result is me occasionally blowing off something important to write about drivel. I've made my peace with it.

The question remains though, what drivel should I focus on? In keeping with the graduate school theme and in homage to the fact that we are nearly crushed to death under a mountain of powerpoint slides on an almost daily basis, here is what I think this blog might be about:

I suppose if you're being analytical about it, and I'm sure there are some of you that are, you might take issue with the little bubbles on the outside overlapping one another and wonder what the relationship is there. I'm not sure there is one, but I didn't feel like resizing them. So there. That being said, there might be a relationship there, but it also doesn't mean that I can't write a post about a "frustrating-tool" even though the bubbles aren't connected in any way and I happen to attend school with quite a few.

At the end of the day, I believe this blog is about all of the above, with an emphasis on my hobbies but not exclusive to them. Does that about sum it up?

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