Saturday, May 21, 2011

Blowing out my loafers

I decided to take a break from my project this morning and go for a little jaunt along the trails at Jack's Peak Park.  I had yet to explore it, and if I have any hope whatsoever of surviving this crazy idea I need to get busy and start building my climbing muscles.

So Jeff the wonder dog and I took off around 10 and headed up the mountain.  Being the tightwad that I am, I decided to park outside the gates and jog up to the trail head.  This alone was brutal.  The grade was miserable and I found myself smoked a half-mile into the morning.  Jeff looked at me like "Listen here Ass, I haven't been on a run with you in a month and you drag me out here?  WTF."

When we finally hit the actual trail, things mellowed a bit but I felt as though the majority of the 4 mile run was uphill.  We also found a few fallen trees blocking our path and that wasn't exactly the most rewarding thing to uncover after 20 minutes of climbing either.  Jeff also discovered that Horses are, in point of fact, enormous and intimidating.  He briefly considered barking at the four he found coming down the trail before he looked at them, then me, with a "I'm gonna let these Jokers slide today Dad.  Just this one time." look on his face.

Things were all good in the hood until the way down, when I realized my pinky toe on my right foot hurt like hell.  When I looked down I realized that I had completely blown out my Nike Mayflys.  Not entirely surprising given they are engineered for only about 60 miles or so.  I reckon I got 200 out of them before they 'splodid.  Not a bad shoe, but they had too much cushioning for my liking.  Overall I place them in the failed experiment category and I plan on returning to the XC Streaks from Nike.  I absolutely love that shoe. There isn't much too it, but it fits my running style perfectly and is just enough shoe without being over the top.

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