Thursday, July 15, 2010

Learning a new language etc

The last week has been a bit crazy to say the least.  On Monday I started learning Urdu here in Washington D.C.; basically because I just wanted to and secondarily because it will very likely come in handy in a variety of ways during the next few years of my career.  I knew that merging my new "job" of learning a language and my marathon goal was going to be a challenge and the reality definitely lived up to that reputation.  Urdu is not officially kicking my butt yet, but the combo of getting up early, running, commuting, homework and various household duties certainly took some mental adjusting on my part.

The fun part is being able to pronounce words that had previously appeared to be squiggles.

Great feeling.

As for my runs, they are coming along nicely as well.  Times are coming down slowly but surely and my heart rate has been slowly sinking.

Before I head off to class again, I just wanted to recognize and thank those individuals that I have not actually met nor have connection to, but have donated money to the Fisher House anyway.  This is an amazing leap of faith and I am so appreciative.

Shakria and Khuda Hafiz!

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I want to learn Urdu. I see no practical applications to small agricultural production, but how cool is that?

Yeah it's fun, and hey, it has practical application if you decide to start selling Halal meat :) Never know!

I sometimes can't believe I get paid to sit around and learn stuff, this is the part of my job that I truly love to be honest.

BTW, I hope things are getting better on your side.

Actually, maybe I will just take a class. I am still an English as a Second Language teacher, after all. And I think I can take a free class at the University I teach at. I don't think they offer Urdu. But maybe Arabic or Chinese. . .

Hope your runs are cool and breezy.

Okay, I'll bite, where do they speak Urdu?

It's the language spoken in Pakistan. The alphabet is similar to Arabic but the language is different. It's also essentially Hindi, so I can effectively communicate (hopefully anyway)in India as well. The Pakistani aspect of things is more professionally oriented for me right now and having some capacity to deal with India will have more applicability for me in the future.

Okay, but please don't start writing your blog posts in Urdu.

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