Sunday, July 25, 2010

All about limitations

Today's run was just to the left of crappy in my humble opinion.  Nothing seemed to be going right almost from the get go.  The plan was to extend things a bit and run a 13.5 miler in what was hopefully going to be tolerable heat.  As it turns out, my camelback esplodid (sic) about .25 miles into the day's activities and mentally at least, set me off with less than optimal morale.

And as is often the case, the ship of expectations had a rather violent confrontation with the rocks of reality when my unmotivated ass met the pernicious heat of Virginia in July.  Er, ouch.  It was like hot and stuff out there.  At eight o'clock it was closing in on miserable and frankly, it was all I could do to finish.  I developed a very solid respect for the Badwater participants who would have likely considered today to be a bit of a joke.  To make matters worse, my wife recognized the brutality of it and started to worry.  From now on she will wake up to a map and estimated time of return; unfortunately I scared her a bit today which wasn't cool.

So, to summarize, 13.5 miles in 2hrs and 10 minutes during a 100 degree heat index.  It sure felt like crap.  Not sure how that looks on paper.

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I couldn't have run that distance in the heat here (Charleston, SC) if my Camelback had splodid. That had to have been brutal.

It was 76 and no humidity in San Diego today.

Dude, it's been so long since you posted that I even changed my profile pic.

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