Monday, June 21, 2010

Data Mining and the Best Barefoot Running Video I've seen yet

Not much time for the blogotubes today, but I wanted to throw some data up here and see if anyone had any input.  Sunday was my long slow run day with 7 miles on the schedule.  My friend, The Map Google, told me that my route would put me at around 6.4 miles or so.  Which would have been the case, had I not made a wrong turn on Staffordshire Rd mistaking it for Shenendoah Ln.  My brain said, it's a long "S-word" so turn here.  Awesome.  I suppose I needed the 1/4 hill repeat anyway.  (Special bonus points for those of you out there re-enacting the Sean Connery on Jeopardy, SNL skit.  Well done.)  So 6.8 miles it was, repeat included.

Below is the data from my Garmin.  The terrain is ridiculously undulating so the blips in the HR you see have everything to do with me gassing it over some hills.  I guess I need to get smart on HR training as reading this makes about as much sense as a polygraph printout to me.  I do know that I should see a progressive drop in that HR plateau over time, but that's about it.  Not sure if I have the right mix at this point.


Click here for the Venti size to take a better look.

I also found this little gem on the inter-web today.  This is easily the most concise and illustrative way of describing why anyone would want to run barefoot or minimal.  I'm going to follow up with another post on this topic from my own personal perspective, but this is an absolutely awesome once over the world regarding BF or minimal running.

Learning the Skill of Barefoot Running from Terra Plana on Vimeo.

As always, thank you for your support and donations!

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I find the graphs on the Garmin TC program pretty much useless. I'm no expert, but I think, over time, you'll see your pace increase at the same HR. That's the goal of HR training. I just started training in HR Zones last month. Good stuff.

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